Queen of the Stone Age

For my second spring as a designer I worked for months on jewelry that I barely remember now, because at the last minute I made a series of chunky quartz nugget pieces, and that’s what wound up selling that season. I did multi-strand chokers, single-strand collars, opera-length pendants, and several styles of bracelets and earrings. The clear genuine quartz versions were the “Ice Cube Collection” (doy) and the blue “quartz” glass pieces were sold under “Hot Rocks” (oy), but in the end it was all nicknamed “The Wilma Collection” in tribute to the queen of a certain "modern Stone Age family" (I never speak her full name of course, and even in my head I replace the "o" with an underscore).

Shown above is a five-strand choker made of genuine quartz nuggets and Thai silver heishe beads. It was made to be worn tight and high on the neck; it measured 14.5” long and 5” across at its widest point. Unlike most of my work it was mega-expensive and not comfortable for round-the-clock wear; it was designed for red carpet and photo ops. The woman who owns the piece above wore it to accept an award (and if I can get permission from the mag that ran the photo I’ll add it here later).

The single strand versions however are highly wearable, and I’m bringing them back this season. They are substantial but not heavy, and are comfy for real-life work and play. I've worn my pieces every summer since I first made them, and they always look current and garner lots of compliments.

The photo at right shows the single-strand Wilma necklace and earrings in clear, the striking blue version was featured last August in this post.

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