The Secret Garden

Today I was going to tell you about my recent bead shopping spree but I’m postponing that story because I have a new bracelet to show you.

My garden is completely hidden from public view because it’s surrounded by tall buildings and trees. In the winter it's very grey but in the spring the sunlight finds it and it’s magically transformed, especially in the morning when the first rays illuminate the foliage and make everything glimmer and glow. You can see it in the fig tree photo at right; I took it in my garden last spring.

You can also see it in the bracelet above. I made it yesterday after witnessing the morning glow for the first time this year. I used genuine prehnite briolettes and rondelles, marbled glass rounds with swirls of pale green, pink, lavender, yellow and white, and light amethyst AB finish crystal (it's paler in person, and the finish isn't visible in the photo). There are teensy sterling rounds and tiny filigree flower bead caps, sterling heart and star charms, and I added a sterling fairy because she made me.

I want to expand on this idea with matching earrings and necklaces… in my mind it all fits right in with the other sparkley-gemmy things I'm doing this season and I love the color so I'm excited this piece revealed itself. Plus I've been hoarding prehnite because quite often temporary strands are so pretty it's hard to cut them. Now that I've been inspired to open them up I'm looking forward to sharing them.

I'm also looking forward to more entries in my GlamorInky #16 guessing game! If you came here looking for the contest scroll down to the May 1st post right below this one.

See you next week!

♥ ♥ ♥