Model Mom

On May 1st I showed you a photo from Mama Glamorosi’s modeling days and told you that when she gave it to me she pointed something out that made me go "awww". For GlamorInky #16 your game was to take a long look at her picture and figure out what she showed me. Your clue was "M is for the many things she gave me", and if you read that post’s credits there was another clue because I listed a lyricist, Howard Johnson. The fact that I ran a contest featuring my Mom during Mother's Day month was a hint too.

Some of you guessed that she said she was giving me the dress and necklace in the photo. She did give them to me, but years ago - that fringe twist dress is one of my most treasured vintage pieces. It is still in perfect condition but only by grace of the fashion gods because I wore it a lot, first with fishnets and a variety of sequin boleros to live Rocky Horror shows in the 70’s (“A toast!”), then as "casual wear" with pirate boots and opera-length gloves in the 80’s (On the bus! In broad daylight!). Anyway, that was a good guess, but it's not the correct answer.

Others guessed that she told me people said she resembled Jackie O. She used to get that a lot, and did consider it flattering, but that is not the correct answer either.

Many of you guessed that Mama Glamorosi pointed out that the little "bump" on her belly was me, and to that she says, “What bump? How rude! Don’t your friends know you’re not supposed to suggest a woman looks pregnant in case she's not?”, but then she laughed because she was kidding – that IS the correct answer; the lyric I used for the clue is from the song "M-O-T-H-E-R". Other shots from that session were taken from a different angle that didn't reveal she was three months pregnant with me.

The correct answers were randomized and the winner of GlamorInky #16 is… MICKEYFAN! Congratulations! Your prize is one pair of the sterling, horn, and blown glass cherry earrings shown at right (ARV $48) - they were inspired by my Mom’s fruit jewelry from the 40’s and 50’s. Email me from the same address you used to play the game and I’ll send your prize asap! Congratulations again Mickeyfan!

Gems & Findings
  • I'm getting a lot of email about the last few pieces I posted and some of you asked for prices and availability... on June 21 I'm opening a shop on Etsy, a website that features handcrafted items from designers around the world. The Secret Garden bracelet will be there, plus I'll be taking PayPal. Meanwhile, my blog shop/gallery is almost sold out - Mwah! Mwah! - I'll be removing the link on Friday.
  • Mr. Glamorosi and I are still sharing an office while our second floor is under construction. Recently I made jewelry while he interviewed my absolute favorite actress, Juliette Lewis. I love her work, I love her face, I love her fearlessness. You can see what Ms. Lewis is up to and also check out Mr. Glamorosi's interview with Joss Stone (I want that gorgeous ring she's wearing!) and his take on Amy Winehouse here.
  • If you're in Philly this weekend check out Art for the Cash Poor (AFTCP), a two day event at The Crane Arts Building (1400 N. American Street) on June 9 and 10 from 1 to 6 PM. At AFTCP you'll meet local artists and find a broad selection of artwork including photographs, paintings, jewelry, clothing and more, and it's all under $199. There will also be food available and live music. For more info visit
Pearls of Wisdom

How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but to be someone. ~ Coco Chanel

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