Avast, It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day

Once again I say ahoy mateys! To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day take a gander at me maiden voyage on the sea o' blogdom. ‘Tis true, this blog launched in August 2006 wi' a tribute to Captain Jack Sparrow.

In case ye didn't know, I live the pirate life year-round and I make beauteous jewelry fer lovely swashbuckler women; eyeball me chainmaille earrings wi' skull an' crossbones.

There be always seafarin' hearties among us, even in places ye wouldna expect - the crew at 1000markets.com honored me skull earrings shown above as a Staff Pick on September 16.

Oh, an' here's a bit o' Glamorosi trivia: back in me starvin' artist days I had a job as a Captain Morgan Rum wench.


♥ ♥ ♥