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Last week on September 22 one of my venues, (aka 1KM), announced that it had been acquired by the online shopping site Bonanza (formerly Bonanzle). In the days that followed 1KM migrated shops to, and at 5:00 PM PST on September 30, 1KM ceased to exist.

I am thrilled to report that my transition to Bonanza has been smooth, I am comfortable there, and I find the established merchants are helpful and welcoming.

In fact, I am so impressed with Bonanza that I'm doing something I have never done in almost nine years in business... If you've been following my work you know I don't do sales - sometimes I offer free shipping, but I never-never-ever-ever give a percentage off (I prefer to donate the jewelry or dissemble it and sell off the materials).

However, I discovered that I arrived at Bonanza just in time for their 2nd Annual Renaissance Faire (Oct 1 - Oct 17), and since I am blessed with a lovely Ren Faire clientele year-round, I was inspired to participate. It's a fun way to show all of you my new shop, and a good way to introduce Bonanza customers to my jewelry.

I won't be having sales on a regular basis (perhaps I'll participate in the Ren Faire again next year?) and I won't be re-stocking some of the items, so if you've had your eye on a certain piece, now is a good time to get it.

We're not supposed to publish the amount of our discount, so to see the deal go to my Bonanza booth and you can't miss it. When you view individual items you'll see a "Coupon is Available" link to click - do that and the sale price is automatically applied as you go through checkout. My full address is - be sure to bookmark it.

One more thing: although my jewelry is handmade by me, unlike my other venues Bonanza isn't just for artisans, it's home to all kinds of small business owners and entrepreneurs (it's very cool, it reminds me of For a full list of the Ren Faire merchants and types of items they carry visit this link that will connect you with the promotion thread, or check out Bonanza's coupon page.



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