GlamorInky Friday #20 - Winner Announced

For GlamorInky Friday #20 your task was to read my post about heirloom tomato salad and to guess how many cherry tomatoes were in a photo. The correct answer is: 167. You can count for yourself by viewing the photos at the bottom of this post.

There were a lot of entries but only 17 of the comments were published; the ones that were not published were missing required info (email address).

When all was said and done, the person who made the closest guess without going over was… SUSAN, with a guess of 155.

Congratulations SUSAN! Your prize is one pair of Chainmaille Flower Earrings in Metallic Red by Glamorosi. The earrings were handmade using the Japanese weave with anodized aluminum and sterling silver fish hook earwires. The earrings measure 1.25 inches long and retail for $24. For more info stop by

Someone asked me why I do jewelry giveaways. I do it for fun - I’ve been entering contests and sweepstakes since I was a kid - AND I do it to advertise my work.

For this giveaway the prize earrings are part of a new aluminum chainmaille line I made for my customers who requested inexpensive pieces that they could give as gifts this holiday season.

While you’ll find a lot of the jewelry I have in my shops is pricey (labor intensive pieces made with expensive materials), my goal with this new collection was to keep the earrings under $50. All of the earrings will feature colorful anodized aluminum designs topped with sterling silver earwires.

I’ll be rolling out more pieces in this collection over the next few weeks (as soon as I get better photos – oy – it’s hard to capture metallic aluminum in pictures), and I’ll be doing a new giveaway to introduce them very soon.


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