Glen Campbell and A.D. Amorosi

This is the legendary Glen Campbell with my husband, journalist A.D. Amorosi. My husband interviews celebrities for a living and is normally completely unfazed by it, but every now and then someone takes his breath away. This photo melted my heart because you can see how much A.D. adores and admires Mr. Campbell: the look on his face, his hand on his chest... it's just so genuine and sweet.

A.D. and I both love Glen Campbell's music. Later on the same day as the interview (9-15-11), we sat mesmerized in Philadelphia's Irvine Auditorium and watched Mr. Campbell in concert, his crystal clear vocals and astounding guitar work as inspiring as when we first heard it as kids.

A.D.'s main interview with Mr. Campbell will be published in a month or so; I'll post a link when it comes out.

Meanwhile, click here for a short piece A.D. wrote for Philadelphia City Paper where he talks about meeting Glen Campbell.

ETA: The A.D. Amorosi piece about Glen Campbell for Blurt magazine is here.

Photo ©Scott Weiner 2011

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