Mystery Plant Revealed - White Heart-leaf Aster


Last July in this post that showed an Eastern Black Swallowtail emerging from its chrysalis in my garden, I asked if any of you could identify the plant on which the butterfly was perched. Back then I wrote,

“...I purchased it last year for a quarter; at the time it was just a stick with dried leaves on it (I always buy dead plants – I feel bad for them). I thought it might be a butterfly bush or clematis, but now I suspect it is just a weed. No matter – it's thriving and I like it and the butterfly does too. I'm just curious as to what it is...”

A few weeks ago the plant surprised me with a burst of blooms and a delicious fragrance – sort of a cross between honeysuckle and jasmine, but lighter. I did some research and discovered that the plant in question is a White Heart-leaf Aster, a common fall-blooming wildflower on the East Coast. As you can see from the photo it is just gorgeous. Mystery solved!

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Photo by Glamorosi

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