Colin Farrell's Dead Man Down Films in Philly's New Golden Palace Restaurant

The New Golden Palace Restaurant was a location for Dead Man Down
On June 20, A.D. Amorosi reported on the Glamorosi blog that Dead Man Down, directed by Niels Arden Oplev and starring Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace, would be filming in Philadelphia's Italian Market area on June 21.  During the hours the film was shooting, A.D. was on assignment reviewing the Aaron Freeman (aka Gene Ween) concert, so I put on my reporter hat and covered the shoot.

Owner Mui Luong at Colin's Table
By mid-afternoon signs were posted indicating the holding area for extras (St. Maron's Church), crew parking, and the set location.  Shortly after, filming began at The New Golden Palace Restaurant at the corner of 8th and Washington.  One of the restaurant's owners, Mui Luong,
Chinese Lantern Used in the Shoot
told me that location scouts came in last week and loved the place - "especially the curtains and the decorations" - and gave her a contract for a full day's filming.  Mui showed me Colin's table, and items the production used like the pretty silk lanterns she brought here from China.  She said she made everyone Dim Sum and noodles, and served beverages.  Mui also echoed what everyone I talked to who met Colin had to say - that he was extremely "polite and nice".

Several sources at the location told me that after filming at The Golden Palace they were headed down to the Navy Yard for "just a few quick scenes", because on the 21st they had "an early call in New York".  Yesterday numerous outlets including reported an April 5, 2013 release date for Dead Man Down. 

All photos ©Glamorosi 2012

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