Night Market Philadelphia Wows Washington Avenue with Quest Loves Food Pop-Up

Quest Loves Food Pop-Up at Night Market on Washington Avenue

The traveling food bazaar known as Night Market took over South Philly's Washington Avenue from 8th to 11th Streets for an entire evening on June 28, 2012. The event brought over 60 vendors together - trucks and stands representing local eateries - in the famed foodie neighborhood popular for the Italian Market, Mexican taquerias, and Vietnamese stores and restaurants. Night Market added to the diversity with cuisine from the Caribbean, Korea, India and more represented.

Night Market events are always free, but for last night's party there was the added attraction of an exclusive ticketed section with Quest Loves Food Pop-Up - a tent with food, drinks and music curated by the Roots drummer and presented by him along with The Food Trust, Philly Homegrown, and With Art Philadelphia.  Tickets for the pop-up were $55 ahead, $65 at the door, and completely sold out.

"Love's Drumsticks" at ?uest Loves Food Pop-Up
Questfucious Cupcakes
"Love's Drumsticks" were made on the premises and were everything you want fried chicken to be:  crispy, juicy, and tantalizingly seasoned. For a sweet treat there were trays of Questfucious Cupcakes - carrot and pineapple with Thai red curry cream cheese frosting. They were topped with fortune cookies - mine read, "You will eat fried chicken and cupcakes in bed". Questfucious knows.


Zea May's Truck specializes in native American cuisne
Zea May's Kitchen is based in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia and carries Native American cuisine. They were serving two types of empanadas: spicy bean with queso and salsa verde, and sweet potato with cream cheese, maple syrup and nutmeg, as well as chilled plantain soup.


The artisanal popsicle menu at Lil' Pop Cart
Lil' Pop Cart is the mobile version of Lil' Pop Shop, the newish frozen treat place in West Philly. We had the goat cheese with raspberry and honey, and the grapefruit with pink peppercorn and rosemary. Very refreshing.


Fruit and beverages from Frecon Farms
Frecon Farms makes wines, ciders, butters and vinegars. Their peach wine is to die for - it can be served as is, used for spritzers, or warmed with spices during colder months.


Ruby Slippers = Oz,  Golden Slippers = Philadelphia
Night Market was also a great place to check out fashion. I had to take this photo because if you live in Philadelphia, especially South Philly aka Mummer country, you don't let golden slippers walk by without showing the love.

Photos ©Glamorosi 2012

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