Paranoia Filming in Philadelphia on 10th Street between Christian and Carpenter in August

(L to R) Liam Hemsworth, Josh Holloway, Richard Dreyfuss in Philly
By Glamorosi, July 2012

Today at the Paranoia location at 9th and Lombard:  lots of Teamsters and trucks and a few craft services tables - the usual things you'd expect to see.

A.D. and I have friends and/or family involved with the film, and they gave us this info:  Paranoia is currently scheduled for filming on 10th Street between Christian and Carpenter during the first two weeks of August. Things could change, but for now, it looks good.

Also, for those of you emailing to ask, yes, Julian McMahon is in town.  We saw him on his way to the shoot yesterday, and yes, he is as handsome as you think.  Happy Birthday Julian!

We have some on-set gossip too, but promised to keep it quiet until filming has wrapped.

Stay tuned...

Paranoid location at 9th & Lombard 7-20 (left), wrapped in plastic 7-27

Photos of Hemsworth, Holloway, Dreyfuss ©Scott Weiner 2012
Photos of house ©Glamorosi 2012 ©A.D. Amorosi 2012


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