Link Roundup – The Icon Edition: Andy Warhol, Queen Elizabeth, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber


This week's entertainment news left me pondering icons, fame and pop culture. I recently stumbled across BuzzFeed's article about forgotten heartthrobs of the 80s and 90s, and while I didn't recognize most of them, I enjoyed looking back at what I'm guessing were a lot of Tiger Beat shots with big hair, bad outfits, and baby boys throwing gang signs. Damon Pampolina from The Mickey Mouse Club wins for achieving all three in one photo.

In 2012 it’s hard to recognize some stars who are still famous; clicking on the link from Philadelphia’s NBC 10 chronicling celebrity plastic surgery was a real eye opener. Sometimes though, all it takes to completely change a person's looks is one good haircut - did you see Flavor Flav totally mistake Miley Cyrus for Gwen Stefani at the iHeartRadio Festival?

Speaking of Miley, she's about to take on Faye Dunaway's iconic role in Lifetime's remake of Bonnie and Clyde. The original, filmed in 1967, is a masterpiece and I wish studios would just leave it alone, but since they’re going to do it, they might as well get Miley's fiancé Liam Hemsworth to step into the Warren Beatty role of Clyde. I miss seeing those two around Philly, and can't wait until December when they, or at least Liam, will be back in Philly to finish filming the corporate thriller Paranoia. It's hilarious to see grown men of the paparazzi get all giddy like school girls over the young stars.

Then there are people who have been famous since birth and always will be, like Queen Elizabeth. She was once a subject for Andy Warhol's most well-known prints, and now several of them have been purchased by Windsor Castle. I'm glad to see the Royals like Pop Art. Earlier this month, Campbell's announced they'd be releasing 1.2 million special edition cans with labels depicting Warhol's soup prints. Despite his untimely death in 1987, Warhol is still the king of pop culture.

Beyond the Queen, Great Britain certainly has its own young icons in the making. Some are genuinely gifted, like singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran who was recently in Philly to promote his album “+” (pronounced “plus”), others are creating a stir for their lack of finesse like the Welsh cast of new TV show The Valleys. Their onscreen antics – some truly disgusting –  have most people across the pond hoping their 15 minutes is expiring. I agree – if I’m going be subjected to famous folk’s bodily functions, I expect them to at least be talented like Canadian export Justin Bieber. TMZ had one of the best lines ever when they said his recent onstage barfing was due to “Bieber fever”. Feel better Justin!

Newsstand Photo ©Eloquence 2005

Posted on Sunday, September 30, 2012 11:00 AM