Philly's Weathervane Music Organization Marks 4th Anniversary with Show at Johnny Brendas

Twin Sister will appear at the Weathervane Music Organization benefit

Four years ago, Philadelphia-based producer Brian McTear founded the non-profit Weathervane Music Organization. It wasn’t going to be just another job of his, recording and mixing the likes of The War on Drugs, Espers, and the Azusa Plane and giving each a lustrous ambience. Weathervane was meant to further the community that McTear was a part of (sonically and locally) by giving bands and artists a forum to build upon and to show off their music and videos. Now, for the start of its fourth season, Weathervane debuts new episodes of its on-line video program Shaking Through along with live performances from the most notable acts it’s been involved with: Twin Sister, Steven A. Clark and Ava Luna with members of the War on Drugs, Man Man and Dr. Dog along for the ride. The Weathervane 4th anniversary show and benefit is tonight, Saturday January 12, at Johnny Brenda’s ($15, 1201 N. Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 215.739.9684).

Weathervane Music’s main goal is to connect audiences and artists with crowd-funded projects (Kickstarter mainly) that support independent music. The money raised (their most recent campaign netted them nearly $22,000) goes into crafting dramatically lit videos and epic sounding productions that act as a sort of resume for each act, mini-documentaries that focus on the artistic enterprise of locals such as Strand of Oaks and Purling Hiss, or nationals such as the now-famous Twin Sister. This last act, a Long Island, New York chillwave quintet, is one of Weathervane’s greatest success stories, especially when you consider that critical darling/rapper Kendrick Lamar sampled Twin Sister’s “Meet the Frownies,” a track produced by McTear for one of Weathervane’s Shaking Through clips. Episodes of Shaking Through present the birth of a song or an album with the daring of a Wes Anderson film and the gravity of a Ken Burns PBS series. Only louder.

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Twin Sister Photo: Shawn Brackbill

Posted on Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 11:00 AM