'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Omarosa Cries, Another Celeb Gets Fired

Omarosa cries on NBC's All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

For the second time in two weeks, NBC’s 2013 All-Star Celebrity Apprentice fired a rocker in its finale; Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider went this time. Poison’s Bret Michaels left during last week’s premiere episode. There goes the 80s. Thankfully, last night’s show – season 13, episode 2, titled “Just as Simple as Making Soup” – didn’t disappoint. We got Omarosa crying and manipulating the audience, her fellow players and Donald Trump by conjuring the memory of her recently deceased fiancé, actor Michael Clark Duncan (Trump will probably let Omarosa win this season since she’s lost three times previously). Plus we got one of the best Gary Busey-isms to date with this: “fun = finally understanding nothing.”

The episode begins with Omarosa savoring her villainous victory over Bret Michaels in the season premiere, then Trump jumps in and tells the celebs to get out town, literally, as Team Power and Team Plan B must board his personal private Boeing 757 (larger than the commercial 747) to get to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. "If you have a plane like that, you can have any woman in the world," Trump says later in the show.

Without knowing this week’s task, the teams have to choose project managers. Plan B’s Dee Snider and Power’s Omarosa take charge while last week’s winner, Plan B’s Trace Adkins takes the episode off to perform on a cruise with Blake Shelton. Before Omarosa can even leave the frame she’s laughing about the evil plot twists she has in store. "You don't have to worry about me backstabbing, I'll come from the front."

The celebs get their instructions
Trump joins the teams on-board the jet via a large screen TV, and reveals that this week’s task is to create a "photo experience" at the theme park so that its visitors will have long lasting memories. Universal’s executives want the celebrity competitors to stress the brand marketing, a three dimensional concept and guest experience as part of their mission.

How hard can this be? “Just as simple as making soup,” says Plan B’s Gary Busey.

Omarosa wants to create a large ad with three of Universal’s most celebrated films as the basis for her three-room photo booth where guests can become part of the experience. That she only comes up with two (Despicable Me and the Harry Potter series) without telling her team the third element sends Lil Jon and Co. into a panic. “We have to win because Omarosa will throw us under a bus,” says LaToya Jackson, a Team Power player and one of Omarosa’s most notable critics.

Team Plan B's cardboard cut-outs
Dee Snider wants Plan B to create a family-charged experience through the use of their own celebrity – cardboard cut outs of Plan B dressed up like Universal park characters. This disappoints Snider’s pal and teammate Penn Jillette, as he has worked with Universal’s fabricators on his own theme park attraction with his magic-show partner Teller. Penn would love to create a video loop of floating celebrity heads to engage the crowd. Dee doesn’t see how that would connect to the overall marketing (neither do we) and Snider goes with his own plan after much time wasted on Penn’s idea. “He really got sucked into Penn’s illusion,” says Plan B’s Stephen Baldwin of Snider’s time mis-management. Baldwin is a snake, whispering off-putting things in Snider’s ear while going about the task. Snider is on to him.

“The cardboard cut outs are something you’d see in a mall,” states Penn about the un-extraordinary nature of Snider’s concept.

Team Power's booth
While Lil Jon, LaToya Jackson and Brandi Roderick snap pictures of things related to Harry Potter and Despicable Me, they fret over the third element. Meanwhile Omarosa has already planned number three – a giant Spider Man model – without telling her teammates. Only Dennis Rodman, who is turned into a handy man, gets to hear her plot.

Dee Snider tries to assign roles only to find out that Gary Busey can’t use a digital camera. "He’s very sweet," Marilu Henner says describing her Plan B mate Busey. "But so irritating." When the beyond-irritating Marilu Henner calls you irritating, you’re a real pest.

Back to Power, after telling an empty room that she’s “a visionary and a leader," Omarosa finds out that her Spider Man figurine can’t be built. She belittles Universal’s workers, much to the chagrin of teammate Roderick who says, “You can’t treat people like that”) Instead of a large Spidey, LaToya Jackson wraps kids in gauze webbing in her photo booth.

At Plan B’s spot, the team dresses as silly characters and engages the crowd. Gary Busey is the Cat in the Hat and tickles people inappropriately. Marilu Henner (who can apparently remember every single day of her life) guesses which day of the week’s people’s birthday occurred. You tell me who is more annoying. That the real celebrities are there next to their own cardboard cutouts is weird and meta.

Back in the boardroom, Henner calls Busey a pest despite the fact that Snider said that Busey was the most attractive part of the event. Trump heaped praise on Dennis Rodman for what seems (to Trump, at least) like the basketballer's new found focus, and noticed that Rodman asked the right questions when it came to talking with the Universal executives. Omarosa though was having none of this. She called Dennis her weakest player and was mean to everyone on her team, save for Lil Jon. In the end Trump informs Snider that the Universal ‘s executives thought his team's exhibit was dull and uninspired, so Omarosa's team wins.

This isn’t the end though. Omarosa does some truly un-villain-like crying because she has never before won her own Celebrity Apprentice challenge, plus the money goes to the charity of her late fiancé. Rodman doesn’t buy it. "That's some Oscar-worthy acting," he says. Neither does LaToya Jackson who says “Omarosa is using Michael’s death to manipulate her through the game.”

Dee Snider
Back to Plan B, Trump fakes-fires Penn Jillette for not pushing his magic trick idea ("I was already halfway to the elevator," the magician says), then Snider has to find two members of his team to bring back to the boardroom. Recalling that Adam Carolla tried to fall on his sword alone without involving another teammate only to watch Trump fire both Carolla and Michael Andretti in a previous season, Snider brings back Baldwin and Busey, praises them, and then gets the axe. “You’re a good guy,” says Trump before lowering the boom.

"I didn't expect to see you so soon," Snider tells the Trump Tower elevator attendant before heading into the limo.

Apparently, soup isn’t quite that easy to make, Dee. You’ll be missed.

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Donald Trump's ride
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Posted on Monday, March 11, 2013