All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Recap S6 E11: Lil Jon, Lisa Rinna Fired

Joan Rivers, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Joan Rivers, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump on season 6 of NBC's All-Star Celebrity Apprentice

For season 6, episode 11 of NBC’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, titled “May the Spoon Be with You”, Donald Trump wastes no time in firing two of the semifinalists - Lisa Rinna and Lil Jon - within the first ten minutes. He then gives the final two contestants, Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins, the task of creating and promoting a new flavor of Walgreens Delish brand ice cream. Ivanka Trump and 2009 Celebrity Apprentice winner Joan Rivers are task advisors.

The show starts with the final four All-Stars – Lisa Rinna and Penn Jillette from Plan B, Trace Adkins and Lil Jon from Team Power – settling in and celebrating victory, when a phone rings. Donald Trump needs them back in the boardroom immediately.

“You never want to go in the boardroom on the same night,” says Rinna before meeting with Trump and his two kids, Ivanka and Donald Jr. They grill each of the semi-finalists before The Donald warns he’s going to fire one member from each team.

Lisa Rinna points out her two wins and the $500,000+ she raised for her charity, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Jillette talks up his abilities to strategize and gather Las Vegas star power. He also mentions that having a 38 year relationship with Teller, his partner-in-magic, gives him experience with collaboration. Lil Jon came with genuine motivation in regard to his charity, the American Diabetes Association: his mother suffers from the disease, had a stroke and her recovery is strained due to her condition. Adkins pointed out that he never got sucked into his team’s dramas, came up with the most winning ideas, and never lost a task that he captained. “I’m going to put a boot up somebody’s ass,” says Adkins when asked what he would do if he got through to the next round.

Ultimately, Trump fires Rinna because he believes that she’s simply not the player that Jillette is. He also fires Lil Jon because Adkins never lost a challenge, but not before giving the rapper $20,000 for his charity. The final two contestants for season 6 of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice are Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins.

Trump and his advisors, Joan Rivers and daughter Ivanka, greet Adkins (in the black cowboy hat) and Jillette (wearing a white cowboy hat to tease his country-singing rival) at Trump Tower with an executive from Walgreen’s. Jillette and Adkins are given their task: to create a flavor of Walgreens Delish Ice Cream, an accompanying promotional video, and a celebrity-filled live event for which they must sell the tickets at the highest price they can. Adkins jokes that it looks like “Penn eats a lot of ice cream, so he has an advantage.” Trump gives each man his new teammates. Jillette gets LaToya Jackson, Dennis Rodman and Lisa Rinna. Adkins gets Gary Busey, Marilu Henner and Lil Jon.

Each finalist discusses their charity. Jillette shows surprising emotion when talking about how Opportunity Village was started by Elvis Presley, Col. Tom Parker and Wayne Newton to serve those with intellectual disabilities seeking gainful employment. Adkins wanted to give back to the American Red Cross as they were there for his family when his house was ravaged by fire in June 2011.

Penn Jillette's Magic Swirtle Ice Cream
Penn Jillette's Magic Swirtle Ice Cream
In the kitchen, each team develops two flavors that will be test-tested in a public forum. Team Jillette comes up their two flavors: the buttery almond Sin City, and a sea salt, vanilla, caramel and Turtle candy-filled combo with a chocolate swirl that LaToya names Magic Swirtle

Adkins has a very definite idea about one of his flavors. He wants something with “maple, nuts and blah blah blah” and calls it Maple Macadamia. Henner suggests Red Velvet, as in the cake. Team Adkins’ taste-tester Gary Busey looks into the camera, says “May the spoon be with you,” gets a quick sugar rush, then falls fast asleep. When the two teams bring their resulting flavors to a Walgreens in Manhattan, Magic Swirtle and Maple Macadamia are victorious.

Not so victorious are Jillette and Adkins' attempts to get celebrity attendees to come to their big-ticket events. Even Wayne Newton, a friend of Jillette and one of the founders of Opportunity Village, can’t commit as he has prior engagements. So, Team Adkins and Team Jillette focus on making their commercials.

Gary Busey (nice shoes!) and Lil Jon
With Lil Jon as its director, Adkins’ commercial is intended to be a social media-driven viral video with a mash-up of new and old dance styles executed by Gary Busey. Of course, Marilu Henner, the commercial’s other star, weighs down the proceedings with her usual nitpicking.

Jillette brings Teller, four showgirls and Rodman into their Delish commercial. Their video focuses, of course, on magic, with a now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t trick. The ad looks great before editing, but as the episode closes, Jillette not only has trouble with where his ice cream container is positioned (in front of the showgirls’ bedazzled g-strings), but with the length of his commercial. The video is nine seconds too long and there’s no time for a re-shoot.

Next week on the season finale of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice titled, “One of Us Will Win, But Not By Much”, we will see the second part of the final task, each team’s big-ticket event, and a live judging session with Donald Trump.

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice cast with Penn Jillette in white cowboy hat, Trace Adkins in black
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Posted on Monday, May 13, 2013