'True Blood' Recap Season 6, Episode 5: F--k the Pain Away

Eric and Pam face off in season 6, episode 5 of HBO's True Blood

True Blood season 6, episode 5 titled “F--k the Pain Away” isn’t as sexy as it sounds. Sookie wants answers about the relationship between her dead parents and the evil Warlow and gets drowned for her troubles. Warlow gets captured by his maker, Billith, and goes into flashback mode. Eric and Pam are imprisoned in Governor Burrell‘s internment camp are forced to fight for their lives.

True Blood starts where it ended last week, with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) holding “a vampire killing ball of light” behind Macklyn Warlow’s (Rob Kazinsky) head. The faerie/vampire says he’s wanted her forever, but Sookie is concerned only with why he killed her parents. Warlow’s response shocks her: in reality, he was defending Sookie from her parents who wanted to kill her. After she burns Warlow with her light orb, Billith (Stephen Moyer) feels his progeny’s pain (it was Lilith who made Warlow, Bill is a “prophet in her name”), enters Sookie’s house uninvited, and commands Warlow to leave with “his maker”.

Before flying to Warlow’s side, Bill tends to his progeny Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll), who is crying and confused after killing Sheriff Andy Bellefleur’s (Chris Bauer) faerie daughters. The Sheriff shows up at Bill’s house, finds one of his girls alive, races to his jailhouse to give her vampire blood that he has in evidence, and saves his daughter. Fearing that Bill will kill him, the Sheriff's on-again-off-again girlfriend, Holly Cleary (Lauren Bowles) convinces him not to exact revenge on the Jessica for her actions because Bill is stronger than him. Hopefully, someone will save our other Bellefleur gentleman, Terry, from himself. Unbeknownst to his wife Arlene, he's hiring a hitman to kill him due to guilt over his actions as a soldier in Iraq, and also for killing his war buddy Patrick Devins.

Bill brings Warlow to his makeshift TruBlood lab and, as his maker, commands Warlow not to kill him. Warlow may be holding TruBlood creator Takahashi (Keone Young) captive, but Bill holds all the cards. Bill plunges a syringe into Warlow’s neck (with Andy’s fae daughters gone, Warlow would make the best blood donor), and the half-fairy, half-vamp begins to flashback to 3500 B.C. There, Warlow speaks with a pregnant woman (his woman?) before running into Lilith (Jessica Clark) who has her way with him, then bites him (her head morphs into Bill’s for spooky effect). Four years later, vamp Warlow slaughters his village, save for a young Niall (the character played as an adult by Rutger Hauer) – is he Warlow’s son? After wishing extinction for the entire vampire race, the last Warlow flashback shows him breaking a hole in Lilith’s vampire tomb, causing the sun to stream in and burn her.

Jessica – high from fae blood – isn’t sure if Bill is a god or a devil. She runs to her ex-boyfriend Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) house, but doesn’t realize he has spent the night with Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp), the ex-Mrs. Reverend Newlin, who is league with Governor Truman Burrell (Arliss Howard). Nothing’s worse than a jealous, righteous woman spurned, so Newlin calls the vampire cops on Jess and gets the night’s best line when she tells Jason, “my body is a f---ing temple and you have defiled it with your vampire-loving pecker." Jason feels responsible for Jessica’s capture, and joins the Louisiana Anti-Vampire Task Force to bust her out of jail.

When Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) hears from Tara Thronton (Rutina Wesley) that Pam De Beaufort (Kristin Bauer van Straten) was captured by the anti-vamp force, he too must bust someone he loves from jail. Pam and Eric are estranged, but he’s her maker. Eric and Tara show up at prison and get themselves arrested. Eric is placed into a ring with vamps, fighting to defend his life. Tara finds Jess and the two nearly get into a brawl with other inmates until one tough saves them from a beating. Pam winds up in therapy, where she says she feels nothing for Eric, her maker who released her. Shortly after, Eric enters the ring one more time, first to hear from the Governor that he’s imprisoned his own beloved daughter, Willa. “What did you think? That if you turn my angel into the very thing I most despise I would abandon my principles?” asks Burrell, before presenting Eric with his next opponent in the gladiator ring: Pam.

Wolf packmaster Alcide Herveaux (Joe Manganiello) is still hunting shifter Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell), new girlfriend, Nicole Wright (Jurnee Smollett-Bell), and the little girl cub Sam’s sworn to protect. Nicole finally figures out that perhaps she shouldn’t have stuck her nose into the business of wolves and shifters. By episode’s end, Alcide’s dad Jackson (Robert Patrick), spies the pair at a motel. Will he capture them to curry favor with his son, or let them go because he and Alcide don’t get along?

Sookie's father has a decision to make too. Sookie wants answers from her dead parents, Corbett and Michelle, and enlists medium Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), who not only sees what happened before Warlow killed them, but conjures up her dad (Jeffrey Nicholas Brown). Corbett enters Lafayette, kidnaps Sookie in the trunk of a car (just like when she was a child), brings her to a stream to drown her. It looks like he's going through with it, as the episode ends with Sookie under water. Will he have a change of heart, or go through with his plan to kill her to save her from Warlow?

In next week's True Blood episode, Season 6, Episode 6 titled "Don’t You Feel Me?", we'll see how Sookie makes out, find out if Eric and Pam evade killing each other, and discover what lengths Jason will go to to save Jessica. Also, HBO's official episode description says "Lilith takes Bill down a notch." We're looking forward to learning what that's about.

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Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2013