'True Blood' Recap S6, E7: In the Evening - Nora Dies in Eric’s Arms

Vampire Eric Northman comforts his dying sister Nora on HBO's True Blood
Eric Northman comforts his dying sister Nora on HBO's True Blood

True Blood season 6, episode 7, titled “In the Evening” begins with Eric and his dying sister Nora escaping the vampire prison camp, and ends with her dying in his arms. Sarah Newlin becomes the de facto head of state due to the Governor’s death. Bill asks Sookie to help him procure some of Warlow’s blood to prevent his visions of doom (the white room where his vampire friends are burned alive) from coming true. Arlene and her friends mourn the passing of her husband Terry, while Sookie and Lafayette investigate what he left behind in his safe deposit box.

Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) escapes vamp camp with Nora (Lucy Griffiths) and sends Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire) back to the general population to warn Pam about the Tru-Blood being contaminated with Hepatitis V. Eric takes Nora to Bill’s house and asks him to save her. She doesn’t want Lilith’s blood, and Bill says Eric has to honor her dying wish. Eric tells Bill he believes in him, and he’ll do anything Bill asks in exchange for helping Nora. Bill (Stephen Moyer) reveals that Warlow’s (Rob Kazinsky) blood made him able to daywalk, tells Eric about his vision that they all die in a circular room, and convinces Eric to help him save everyone. Bill gives Nora blood, but it doesn’t heal her. Eric wonders if Warlow’s blood could help, but Nora says it will only help her walk in the sun.

Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) finds the Governor’s severed head, and vows that his death won’t be in vain.  She summons the Senator, and they conspire to keep the Governor’s death a secret, at least until the contaminated Tru-Blood hits the store shelves. The plan is to say the camp was attacked and the Governor is safe in a secret location, and for Sarah to run the prison.

Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Warlow wake up naked in Cemefaerie; he is no longer tied to the gravestone. Warlow thinks the fact they had sex indicates that they’ll be married; Sookie thinks that’s an old-fashioned notion. They hear Arlene (Carrie Preston) crying in the cemetery about Terry’s death, so Sookie goes to her and convinces her to go home and tell her kids what happened. Once there, Arlene lashes out at Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), calls him “voodoo queer” and asks, “What the f--k was in that box?” Sookie and Lafayette go to the bank and open the safe deposit box. Upon seeing that Terry’s life insurance policy was issued a mere three days before he was killed, they realize that he orchestrated his own death.

Sam (Sam Trammell) calls Merlotte’s, and Lafayette tells him Terry is dead. He tells Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) to call her mom to come get her so he can go back to Bon Temps. He says “not being there is not an option.” Nicole and Sam have sex in the shower, goes in the shower, then her mom shows up to take her home. Nicole gives Sam her phone number and says she hopes he uses it. Later in the episode, Packmaster Alcide (Joe Manganiello) goes to the wolves and tells them Sam and Nicole are dead, and that “the pup” is with Martha. His “main bitch” Rikki (Kelly Overton) tells him she knows he’s lying, then they bring out Nicole and her mother, who are bound and gagged. Then the wolves surround Alcide.

Jason (Ryan Kwanten) locates Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) in the vamp camp, but she doesn’t want him to bust her out, so he asks if she has “Stockholder’s syndrome.” Instead, Jessica wants Jason to find James – the vampire she was paired with in the sex study room – so she can thank him for his chivalry. Once James is in the room, Jessica asks for privacy, so Jason stands guard outside the door. When Jessica questions James about why he was so nice to her, he says, “I believe vampires choose to forfeit their souls… I made a different choice.” He shows her that as punishment, the (Louisiana Vampire Task Force (LAVTF) broke his fang. Jessica tells James they’re all going to die soon, and warns him about the tainted Tru-Blood. Then she asks him to have sex with her – she says she has never been with a vampire and wants to know what the fuss is about.

While this is going on, Sarah arrives with guards, and tells Jason the Governor is dead, so he has nothing to hold over her head. The guards cut Jason’s security chip out of his arm, and Sarah has him taken away and put in “female gen pop” with the hungry vampires. Tara is there and tries to defend him, but another vampire, Violet (Karolina Wydra) claims him. She’s the same vamp that saved Jessica and Tara previously, so they owe her a favor.

Sookie and Lafayette go back to the Bellefleur mansion to tell Arlene the news, but she’s drunk. Sookie realizes there is another faerie in the room, Andy’s daughter Adilyn (Bailey Noble), and they exchange greetings though telepathy. Bill shows up and walks right in their house, prompting Sookie to say, “Holy f--k.” Bill gives his condolences to Arlene, and then tells Sheriff Andy (Chris Bauer) he’s sorry for his loss too, referring to how Jessica killed three of his faerie daughters. They shake hands. Bill and Sookie go outside and talk. He tells her vampires she cares about are in the death camp, and says he can’t save them without Warlow’s blood. He tells there will be blood on both of their hands if she doesn’t deliver Warlow.

Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) apparently has a plan. She meets with the vamp camp psychologist (Pruitt Taylor Vince), and tells him she’s not hungry because she’s horny. Pam talks about her sex drive to get him hot and bothered, and then she agrees to have sex with him if he puts her in the general prison population.

Back at Bill’s house, Eric invokes his maker Godric and asks for help in healing Nora. Flashback to England in the year 1665 - the time of the Plague - where Nora helps the sick and tends to the dying. Eric, a servant to the King, is commanded to bring Nora back, as she is the King’s favorite lover. Eric goes to get her, but Nora has taken sick. Eric saves her by taking her to his father, Godric, which is how she became a vampire. Back in the present day, a weary Nora says to Eric, “And so we end as we began.” She tells Eric to let his progeny Pam and Willa walk beside him, and then Nora melts away in Eric’s arms while he cried. Eric looks up and Bill is standing there. Cue Led Zeppelin’s “In the Evening.”


Next week, in True Blood season 6, episode 8 titled, "Dead Meat", Warlow tells Sookie he’ll help her friends if she agrees to be his forever, and the vampires we know and love refuse to drink the tainted Tru-Blood, so Sarah Newlin has them brought to the round, white room in Bill’s vision.

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Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2013