'True Blood' Season 6 Finale, Radioactive: Is Eric Dead, Where is Pam?

Rob Kazinsky and Anna Paquin as Warlow and Sookie on True Blood

On the True Blood season 6 finale titled “Radioactive", Sookie’s life is once again endangered by a love interest – this time it's Warlow – but she is rescued by her brother Jason and Grandpa Niall. After Warlow dies, the vampires who partook of his blood (via Bill) are no longer protected from the sun, and Eric Northman, who is sunbathing in Sweden, catches fire. Is Eric dead, and where is Pam? Those questions weren't answered. What we do know is that Pam went to find Eric, Sookie is hooked up with Alcide, Sam Merlotte is the mayor of Bon Temps, and his constituents are in danger from Hep-V infected vampires if they don’t partner up with healthy vamps to protect them.

True Blood, season 6, episode 10 - “Radioactive" - opens with Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) at Terry Bellefleur’s (Todd Lowe) grave, where the pair share their feelings about survival and death. Their talk is interrupted when they first hear and then see Bill and the Vamp Camp escapees walking in the sunlight. Sookie and Alcide follow them to Bill’s house, where Sookie interrupts a feeding session between Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Violet (Karolina Wydra). Jason tells Sookie he feels like someone finally has his back, but Sookie warns him not to trust to easily.

As Sookie leaves, Bill (Stephen Moyer) watches her through a window, and understands how cruelly he’s used her for his own purposes in sacrificing her to get to Warlow (Rob Kazinsky). Bill also realizes that “Billith” is gone and that all of the powers that came from Lilith’s blood are gone. When he tells Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) what he’s done and how Sookie’s life is in danger from Warlow, Jessica insists that he takes action to save her. Bill enlists Jason, Violet, a reluctant Sheriff Andy (Chris Bauer), and his fey daughter, Adilyn (Bailey Noble), the only other faerie in Bon Temps, to rescue Sookie.

Meanwhile, Sookie has returned to Cemafearie, where Warlow is designing a maypole for their wedding ceremony. She tells him that her word is good – that she wants to be with him – but that being there for her friends and family is important to her now. After Sookie suggest they date, Warlow freaks out, ties her up and tells her that she should have trusted her first instincts about him: he did just want to “f*** her and own her and use her for her f***ing blood."

Sookie’s rescue team arrives at the portal to Cemefaerie, but Adilyn, who is only two-weeks old, doesn’t know how to harness her powers to gain entry to faerie-land, so Violet scares Adilyn, and her fight-or-flight response makes it happen. They enter Cemafaerie and wrestle Sookie away from Warlow. Bill stays behind to battle the half vamp/half faerie, and when Warlow escapes to recapture Sookie, Bill holds onto him so that he can leave too.

Everyone winds up back at the Stackhouse residence, but Bill can’t enter because Sookie had previously rescinded his invitation. Warlow zaps Bill into unconsciousness and locks everyone but Sookie away (in the cubby where Amnesia Eric stayed in season 4), so that no can disturb him while he finishes off his bride-to-be. Suddenly – and literally out-of-the-blue  – Grandpa Niall (Rutger Hauer) reaches through his netherworld portal and grabs hold of Warlow and Jason stakes him.

When Warlow dies, his faerie light that filled Bill and the Vamp Camp escapees who drank his blood leaves their bodies, so they will no longer be able to daywalk; the sun will burn them. Before all this happened, Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) had a conversation with Tara (Rutina Wesley) in which she says she is going to leave and look for Eric. Tara is pissed off and tells her that she and Eric are the world’s worst makers.

A naked Eric (Alexander Skarsgård), in the meantime, is lounging on a snow-topped mountain on a sunny day in Sweden, when the light leaves his body and he catches fire. Has Eric Northman met the true death? We don’t know, because the next scene starts with a card that reads “Six Months Later.”

At this time, Alcide and Sookie are dating, Sam (Sam Trammell) is Bon Temps’ Mayor, Arlene (Carrie Preston) has purchased Merlotte’s and renamed it Bellefleur’s, and Bill is making the talk show rounds promoting his book And God Bled. Bill not only confesses how he decapitated Governor Burrell (Arliss Howard), but believes he should be considered a hero for executing a man who stole public money to fund his made Hep-V Tru-Blood plot. Because of that, the Yokonomo Corporation no longer makes Tru-Blood, so the healthy vampires are hungry and the Hep-V infected vamps are pissed off.

A plan is hatched by Bill and Sam, and revealed at a gathering at the Good Faith Baptist Church. After blood is drawn to determine who carries the Hep-V virus (humans can carry it but not develop the disease), Sam asks that every uninfected Bon Temps native pair with a healthy vampire for a monogamous feeding relationship. In exchange, the vampire will protect his human. The pairings will be made during a shindig at Bellefleur's. Later at that party, Tara’s mom Lettie-Mae (Adina Porter) not only apologizes to her daughter for not putting food on the table, but offers to make up for it by letting Tara feed from her now.

Alcide and Sookie leave the event without protective vampires, and they run into Bill who offers his services to Sookie. Alcide growls, Sookie declines and Bill understands that she may never trust him again, but there are more crucial matters to consider: a roaming gang of zombie-like Hep-V infected vampires are minutes away from descending up the party at Bellefleur’s.

Is Eric Northman dead? Where is Pam? Will Arlene's party end badly? Will Sookie find true love will Alcide?  We'll have to wait until True Blood season 7 in 2014 to find out those answers

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Posted on Monday, August 19, 2013