'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Men in Black are Gonna Come Get Him

Farouk Systems Executives, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Arsenio Hall on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Farouk Systems Execs, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Arsenio Hall

Season 6, episode 4 of NBC’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice is titled "Men in Black Are Gonna Come Get Him", referring to a statement Trace Adkins makes about Gary Busey's often strange behavior. This week Team Power’s Claudia Jordon faced off against Team Plan B’s Marilu Henner in a challenge for Farouk Systems Hair Products. Jordan looked great but ultimately couldn’t beat Henner or rid herself of the dastardly Omarosa. Drats.

The episode begins with last week's winning project manager Stephen Baldwin giving $50,000 to his mom, the namesake for the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund. Mama Baldwin looks like her boys. She thanks God and Donald Trump, a mogul she happens to think is “quite sexy.”

Farouk Systems, a (lather, rinse) repeat Celebrity Apprentice sponsor, asks both teams to promote his new haircare line and its “Chi” and “BioSilk” brands. The task will take place inside of a glass panel truck.

Team Power elects Claudia Jordan be its project manager (with much prodding by Omarosa), while Team Plan B gives Marilu Henner the job. Donald Trump will give $20,000 to the winner with Farouk adding another $30,000, plus additional money for each "like" they get on the brand’s Facebook page.

Jordan believes that she has several advantages. She uses Chi. Plus, she recalls that Farouk was a sponsor of the Miss USA Pageant.Jordan, a former Miss Rhode Island (much like the current Miss USA) believes she has an in with getting the current winner as Power’s celebrity spokesperson. Piece of cake – that is until Henner brings in the pageant queen for her team instead.

Claudia Jordan and Lil Jon on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Claudia Jordan and Lil Jon
Lil Jon won the challenge the last time that Farouk was on Apprentice, so he understands the brand. “Farouk is passionate about America,” notes Lil Jon, suggesting a “giant ass American flag” as part of his team’s marketing plan. He then comes up with the idea of an Uncle Sam costume and a slogan, “Chi Wants You”. After failing to get Miss USA, Team Power settles on the idea of celebrity impersonators to hawk the product. This sounds like an awful concept, even more so when you consider that the Donald Trump impersonator they wanted coincidentally passed away the day before their call. “Is this a bad omen?” asks Lil Jon. Eventually Team Power hires a Joan Rivers impersonator and the show begins with Jordan telling visiting coaches Arsenio and Don Jr. that her least valuable players are Omarosa and Rodman. This will come back to bite her later.

Farouk Systems Exec with Team Plan B on All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Farouk Systems Exec with Team Plan B
Over at Plan B, Baldwin has an interesting marketing phrase to start their project: “Live life luscious.” The team prefers Trace Adkins’ tag line, “Experience Silk.” Baldwin opines, “Trace lives in Tennessee and washes his hair with lard.” When Baldwin goes to apologize, Adkins says it’s too late. “Your mouth is full of crap.”

Speaking of the strange things that come from men’s mouths, our Busey-ism of the week comes as he, Adkins and Lisa Rinna are traveling in a mini-van when a squeaking noise leads Busey to believe that Rinna is breaking wind. Busey says that “fart stands for ‘feeling a rectal transmission’.”

At the Plan B site, the team constructs a “living window” for Miss USA to appear in, and for crowds to get their hair done in full view of the public. Busey yells “come on over and smell the fire” (which makes no sense), and shoots bubbles from his toy gun while Penn Jillette juggles and Adkins plays guitar atop the glass truck. It’s a circus and Farouk loves it.

Back in the boardroom, Omarosa seems genuinely enthused about Claudia Jordan’s performance. Lady O likes how Jordan handled the job, and approves of her choice of charity, The Tom Joyner Foundation, an organization that aids black colleges (Omarosa has attended three). However, Don Jr. undermines Team Power by pointing out that Claudia said Omarosa and Dennis were the weakest players.
Claudia Jordan from All-Star Celebrity Apprentice
Claudia Jordan

Plan B wins, and the prize goes to Henner’s charity, the Alzheimer's Association.

After finding out she lost, Jordan, dressed like a Greek goddess, pulls the worst blunder of the night bringing Dennis Rodman and her team’s strongest player, Lil Jon, to the boardroom. Jordan seems oblivious to the fact that Farouk thought the highest of Jon, and that Jordan herself called Omarosa her team’s “weakest player.” Jordan is rewarded for her stupidity by being fired.

Each week, it is starting to look weirder and weirder that no one will bring Omarosa back to the boardroom. What gives?

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