Music Biz Legend Jerry Blavat Among Notables at Best of Philly Party

Jerry Blavat and A.D. Amorosi
L to R: Jerry Blavat and A.D. Amorosi

Earlier this week on August 20 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Magazine celebrated its annual "Best of Philly" issue, as well as the publication’s 40th anniversary. Winners of culinary Best of Philly Awards past and present were there, as well as a host of notable locals. No Philadelphian was more famous than the night’s entertainment, the venerable Geator with the Heater, Jerry Blavat.

Chef Michael Solomonov
Unlike previous years, the usually invite-only Best of Philly bash was open to the public, and took place within a tent on the top of the Philadelphia Art Museum stairs. Once inside the tent, restaurateurs including Michael Solomonov (Zahav) served goodies to Philly favorites like mayoral candidate-turned-documentarian (The Great Experiment) Sam Katz, high-powered lawyer Justin Wineburgh, and journalist Carol Saline.

The most famous Philadelphian there was the night’s entertainment and its unofficial host (he even greeted me outside the door with a big hug), Jerry Blavat, the disc jockey and author of the best-selling (and now in paperback) You Only Rock Once.  Blavat juked and jived and did a dance that mixed the Soul City Walk with the Twerk. Can we call that it the Swerk?

Best of Philly issue covers from Philadelphia Magazine
Photo of Jerry Blavat and A.D. Amorosi by Dylan Dello Buono
Additonal photos by A.D. Amorosi
All photos ©Glamorosi 2013

Posted on Thursday, August 22, 2013