Stormy Weather

The storm that blew up the East Coast this Labor Day weekend damaged our roof deck and made a watery mess of our home. In observance of this holiday weather event, I give you one of my favorite pieces, and the story of how it came to be.

I can make jewelry in any setting, but I prefer to design jewelry on bright days; I like to start as soon as the morning sun streams through my studio window. Most rainy days I fill orders, do paperwork, and eat grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. On one stormy fall day though, I had a picture in my head so insistent I was compelled to grab my pliers and get to work. At the time I had just finished two seasons of making colorful and complicated Victorian-inspired pieces – I’ll show you some soon – but this was bold and stark in a neutral but vivid palette. It made my heart pound a little. When I was done I did what I always do – I held it up in the window – and it completely disappeared into the background. That’s when I realized that just as with my "traffic light" pearls, I had re-designed the view! The deep grey sky, the raindrops glowing white on the window pane, the few remaining gold and rust leaves…it was all there in the pearls. The blackened silver chain mimicked the almost-bare tree branches.
It was so obvious it made me laugh out loud.

I am under the weather's influence again now. We had a hella scary hail storm, and the next day one of the flashcards in my head was of a necklace and earring combo made with lumpy, off-white alabaster beads. Then, after this weekend of watching pretty pink insulation fall through the hole in my ceiling, I woke up this morning with a strawberry quartz and black crystal necklace on my mind. It’s comical how the lightning storm in my brain transforms everything I see into jewelry.

You know what else is comical? Every single one of you thought this week’s Glamorinky Friday answer was “copper”! It’s totally not copper. I just don’t get it. PSYCH! Everyone had it right, so all your names were swirled around in a rain bonnet, and the winner of one pair of very lovely peacock feather earrings is..........*drum roll*.......... Rewcatherine!
Contact me at so I can send your prize!