Working Blue

It takes a conscious effort on my part to keep from working blue. Not in the traditional sense of the phrase – telling off-color or profane jokes – but in that I'm so taken with my stash of topaz, sapphire, and tanzanite, I really could be happy making nothing but blue jewelry from morning ‘til night.

I’m also a fan of the semi-precious stone kyanite. The sterling silver earrings shown here are composed of cornflower blue kyanite drops and sage green sapphire rondelles topped with blue and green vintage givre glass. “Givre” is a French word meaning frost; in jewelry it refers to glass with a base color infused with a band of a second color (or sometimes several colors).

I have a limited amount of the vintage beads - I made two pairs of earrings and I'm keeping one; the other is currently available in my shop.

Gems and Findings
  • Happy Birthday to my best friend and muse, the monumentally ferosche Mama Glamorosi! I love you Mom!
  • My skull earrings are back in stock – I’m keeping them out of the store until next week to make sure everyone on the waiting list is covered, but I should have a few extra – drop me a line if you'd like to reserve a pair before they sell out again.
  • Back in February I showed you the beautiful pair of handmade lace cuffs I gave Mr. Glamorosi for Valentine’s Day. Later this month I’m debuting a new interview feature on this blog - first up will be the gifted artist behind the cuffs and her lovely Etsy shop called Grandma Was A Floozy - stay tuned.
Pearls of Wisdom

…a strong piece of jewelry can make a simple outfit look elegant.
~ Giorgio Armani

♥ ♥ ♥