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A few days ago I wrote about Valentine’s Day and posted a picture of my new sterling silver chainmaille and red topaz necklace. Since then I’ve been getting feedback on the photo: some of you really loved it, but some of you thought the main image I use in my shop listing (shown above) was much better.

I am currently using a borrowed camera. I need to upgrade from my beloved 2.0 MP relic - I take it everywhere - to something that captures my jewelry better. To that end I’m testing different models to see what works for me (anyone have an extra Nikon D5000 laying around? Swoon!).

The loaner is only 5.0 MP, but it’s a huge improvement in terms of detail. I haven’t quite mastered the white balance - in the picture I used in my Valentine post the chain looks fantastic (but yes, I know, the angle is so-so); the photo above is okaaaay, but the chain looks blue. The stone color is accurate in both shots, depending on your vantage point.

I use both photos in the all of the online shops where I sell the necklace, and now you can see them both on this blog too. Thanks everyone for your feedback, and also for giving me the opportunity to write about my current promotion again, this time with a more straightforward post title.

For details about the necklace see my Valentine’s Day Collection at


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