Liam Hemsworth, Josh Holloway and Richard Dreyfuss in South Philly Filming Paranoia

Liam Hemsworth on Paranoia shoot at 5th and Morris in South Philly
A.D. Amorosi for Glamorosi

After reporting here at Glamorosi on July 20 that the Paranoia crew was setting up in a former church on Lombard Street between 8th and 9th in South Philadelphia, Liam Hemsworth and company’s initial shoots have been taking place elsewhere in the city. First, they shot at the Comcast Building on JFK Boulevard where Hemsworth, Lucas Till and Embeth Davidtz's characters were filmed leaving Comcast in a huff. Maybe they forgot to pay their cable bills. Next, the Paranoia crew camped out from 6th and Tasker down onto Morris Street with the personal trailers of Richard Dreyfuss, Josh Holloway and Hemsworth nearby (for the actor's safety we don't print personal trailer locations).

Josh Holloway in Philly for Paranoia
Since this part of the Paranoia shoot is supposed to look like Brooklyn where Hemsworth’s character lives, it made sense that Richard Dreyfuss, wearing a back brace, was outfitted in a Brooklyn baseball team shirt and cap. As for Hemsworth, after spying him shirtless traveling between two trailers, he walked to the shot location at 5th and Morris for a scene where he is being confronted by Josh Holloway. Though we didn’t get a chance to speak to Hemsworth or Dreyfuss, Holloway was friendly; after changing out of his shiny charcoal suit costume he had a cigarette, put on mirror shades and a baseball cap, and said "hello" when we stopped him for a shot.

Paranoia is supposed to be filming at that aforementioned Lombard Street location (according to neighbors and numerous signs along the street) as well as Loews Hotel (according to crew) as well as near Rittenhouse Square in the next two days (according to additional production sources). Sadly, these may all be indoor shots. The main thing to look out for: Harrison Ford - his arrival is reportedly scheduled for Friday. Gary Oldman is due in too, but there is no date to report yet.

We'll be updating with new locations, dates and arrivals here at the bottom of this post, and with brand new posts and photos as we get them.

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