'True Blood' Recap S6 E8 Dead Meat: Ms. Suzuki Wears Killer Heels

L to R: Anna Camp and Tamlyn Tomita on HBO's True Blood

In True Blood season 6, episode 8, titled “Dead Meat,” Eric and Arlene deal with losing their loved ones: Eric is angry with Bill for not being able to help Nora, and at himself for believing in Bill; Arlene has moved on from yelling at Lafayette to yelling at Adilyn. Sookie considers Warlow’s proposal of eternal life, as it’s the only way Warlow will let Bill have his blood to protect the vamp camp prisoners from Sarah Newlin’s plan to burn them alive with sunlight. The vampires aren’t the only ones in danger from Sarah; this week she murders Tru-Blood rep Ms. Suzuki with a pair of killer heels.

Last week on True Blood (season 6, episode 7 titled, “In the Evening”), Nora (Lucy Griffiths) died in her brother Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgård) arms from Hepatitis V. This week we find Eric clinging to her gooey remains. Bill’s (Stephen Moyer) admonition of Eric, to do the job they set out to do and rescue their friends, enrages Eric, especially when he realizes that Bill had to go through Sookie (Anna Paquin) for Warlow’s faerie-blood that might have saved Nora. Bill has another idea why Eric is angry: because by believing Bill was God, even for a minute, Eric believed in something other than himself. They argue, and when Bill tells Eric to leave his house, Eric responds, “I’m already gone.”

Sookie returns to Cemafaerie and Warlow (Rob Kazinsky), and discusses the idea of helping Bill. Warlow is fearful that Bill will kill him; Sookie says she won’t let that happen. Warlow says he’ll help her if she agrees to let him turn her so they can spend eternity together as a faerie vampire couple. At first, Sookie’s not into it. She tries discussing it with Bill, but he doesn’t have time for her – he’s focused on saving the imprisoned vampires – and she even visits shifter Sam (Sam Trammell), a man she once thought she’d wind up with, only to be spurned (his reasons are below). After that, Sookie decides she’d rather walk the earth undead than spend one minute in a graveyard buried next to the parents who tried to kill her.

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Bill is right to be concerned for his progeny and vampire friends, because things are not going well at vamp camp. Tru-Blood rep Ms. Suzuki (Tamlyn Tomita) visits the jail looking for Governor Burrell, only to find Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp) in his place and unwilling to reveal his whereabouts (he’s dead) or what is in the tampered bottles of Tru-Blood. They have a violent physical altercation on a metal catwalk above the imprisoned vampires, then Sarah kills her by stabbing her in the head with her own spiked heel.

Meanwhile, jailed vampires Jessica and James (Deborah Ann Woll and Luke Grimes ) engage in post-coital sweet talk, Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) has "oozy" sex with her psychiatrist for the reward of being moved into the general population, and Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten ) new owner, vampire Violet (Karolina Wydra) , drinks his blood and discusses their future sex life. When the Tru-Blood is distributed, the vamps don’t drink it, but James makes the mistake of telling Steve Newlin it’s tainted with Hep V. When Steve is questioned by his former wife Sarah as to why they’re not drinking, he squeals. As a result, they all get moved into the round room where they all die in Bill’s visions.

Back in Bon Temps, wolf Packleader Alcide (Joe Manganiello) saves Sam’s new girlfriend Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and her mom from his pack, now being led by his angry, on-again, off-again she-wolf girlfriend Rikki (Kelly Overton). She goes against him in a to-the-death challenge and gets her ass kicked (he doesn’t kill her though, probably a big mistake). Alcide brings the rescued women to Merlotte’s, then he and Sam share drinks and also a keen sense of smell: they both sniff out the fact that Nicole is pregnant with Sam’s baby.

In other Bon Temps news, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) tells Arlene about Terry’s 2 million dollar insurance policy, so she now knows that he arranged his own death. She also realizes that if she hadn’t had Terry glamoured, he may have snapped out of his depression and changed his plans. The Bellefleur family and Arlene butt heads over Terry’s funeral arrangements, and she yells at Sheriff Andy’s faerie daughter Adilyn for unwittingly adding to Terry’s distress by reading his thoughts. An upset Adilyn goes drinking with her friends, but her sexual encounter with one of them is cut short when Eric arrives, glamours the boys, and bites Adilyn. After that, it appears that Eric enters Cemefaerie, because later when Sookie and Bill arrive to fetch Warlow, he is unconscious and nearly drained. Bill knows only one person could have done this, and the episode ends with his name: “Eric.”

Next week, in True Blood season 6, episode 9 titled, "Life Matters", Erik can daywalk due to drinking Warlow and Adilyn’s faerie blood, and he wreaks havoc on the vamp camp guards; Sookie tends to Warlow’s post-Eric injuries; Terry’s family and friends attend his funeral.

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Posted on Tuesday, August 6, 2013