Eminem's 'Marshall Mathers 2' First Week Sales Numbers and Tour Rumors


The verdict is in on Eminem’s new, long awaited Marshall Mathers 2 album, and by all press and audience standards, it’s a hit, selling 792,000 copies in its first week of release. Eminem hasn’t toured since his last album, Recovery, came out in 2010, so the big question that remains is, when is he hitting the boards? We have the answer to that, or at least a rumor we heard, about the Eminem Tour 2014.

Anyone familiar with Eminem knows that the rapper from Michigan’s tattered shore has used his given name, “Marshall Mathers,” as just another character in his chain of fools like "Slim Shady" or "Stan" - violent, misogynistic brutes capable of rude behavior, homophobic rants and even murder.

Now, thirteen years after the first Marshall Mathers album, MM2 is more insulting ("Rap God"), but also more rump-shaking ("Bezerk" with its Billy Squier sample). It’s also more melodic than MM1 with tracks like “Love Game” co-starring Kendrick Lamar and a Wayne Fontana "Game of Love" sample, to say nothing of the moody Rihanna duet, "The Monster.” Nearly 800,000 copies sold in MM2's first week, making this album the second fastest, second biggest selling album of the year, the first being Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience 1 with 968,000 copies in its first week of release back in March.

Timberlake must have set a good example for Eminem, for it’s JT’s touring plans that Em might follow. Like Timberlake, rumor has Eminem and his usual duet partner Rihanna, heading out in Spring 2014 for a stadium co-headlining tour, much in the same way JT and Jay Z joined up for the "Suit & Tie" shows. After that tour, Eminem and Rihanna both may release new albums (could that mean Marshall Mathers 3 or Marshall Mathers 2.5?) and play arenas in the fall of 2014 like Timberlake did when he dropped The 20/20 Experience 2. Here’s hoping.

Eminem photo courtesy of Interscope

Posted on Monday, November 18, 2013